Hugo By Hugo

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“Your Heart Is Free

Have The Courage To Follow It”

~ Braveheart

Welcome to Hugo …By Hugo

Artist, welder and jeweler Deon Hugo, has honed his innate skills during his colourful life, bringing you fine rust-ik designs that serve not only as home and/or garden decor, whether it be a candelabra or Christmas tree, but true handcrafted pieces of art that leave your imagination in awe and your heart full of contentment.

Our specialty is worked steel created with the ingenuity and passion inspired by nature itself. We aim to inspire the people of the world with our work, creativity and craftsmanship, just as nature inspires us.

Craft Chamber

The works on show are a selection of former and current custom and pre-designed handcrafted pieces, thus various materials and designs can be seen.

*Please take note that these are once off, never to be replicated, fully functional handcrafted creations… however, should you see something you like (and it is no longer available), we will gladly design you a custom creation based around that piece.


When we journey together, experiences are shared and memories crafted.

Through these shared experiences and memories, innermost warmth becomes mutual.

Everything we do, we do with love… for it is with love that even the coldest of metals can be warmed.

Journey with us and let us warm you, your heart and home with your original Hugo …By Hugo handcraft.

Your Journey Begins Here

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To inquire more or order your Hugo Handcraft, call us on (+27)66 325–0606 or use the form below.

Hugo …By Hugo

We look forward to crafting with you.

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Sun: closed
Mon – Sat: 08h30 am – 16h00 pm

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(+27)66 325 0606